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2021 Anarchy Disciple Limited Edition USA / ASA

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Only 100 of these Leprechaun sticks will be made!  The 2021 Anarchy Disciple USA / ASA softball bat is ready for destruction.  Super clean and a straight launching mush ball or ASA 44/375 ASA ball killer.  Features a 13 inch Demon shell with a half ounce end load.  These bats swing pretty smooth and have a very nice sweet spot and feel.  If opting for the shave, I would keep it to level 1.  No need to push these things past that point.  Absurd performance while maintaining excellent durability. 

This bat is designed to hit the 52cor OR 44cor balls
Weighting: Endloaded (.5 oz)
Barrel Length: 13″ Barrel
Construction: 2PC Composite
Certifications: ASA/USA
Tech: Proprietary Cross-Core Technology