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2021 Easton Resmondo LE BioHzrd USSSA

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The 2021 Easton Resmondo LE BioHzrd USSSA slowpitch softball bat is back and still in 220 compression.  Same as the 2020 just a new paint job.  Features a 12 inch barrel with half ounce end load.   Has a nice feel and not overly end loaded.   If opting for the shave, we would suggest the level 2 aggressive for optimum performance / durability combination.  Cant go wrong with this bat any way you cut it.  

** NOTE -- this model is hand painted outside of the Easton factory.  There is a chance you may see some small paint chips towards the end of the bat.  The bats are painted with the end caps on and cleared over and depending on how well the caps were masked off, some clear can be on the cap which causes some of the paint to pull off when the cap is removed.  The blemish is minor can can be colored in with a black sharpie or black paint.  **

Weighting: .5 oz
Barrel Length: 12”
Construction: 2PC Composite
Certifications: USSSA, NSA, ISA
Tech: OG FireFlex Composite Barrel
Tech: Carbon Zero Handle (Stiff Feel)
Tech: Patented 2-Piece CONNEXION+ technology offers a best-in-class feel