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2020 Easton Fire Flex 4 Loaded USSSA

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The 2020 Easton Fire Flex 4 Loaded USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat features a 13.50" barrel with a moderate end load.  Pretty much the same Fire Flex Loaded as last years generation 3 model.  Would suggest a Level 1 shave option for durability.  Level 2 and 3 are insanely hot, but durability is compromised at these levels.   

** NOTE -- there is a chance if you are getting this bat shaved, decal creases, end cap shrinkage or some discoloration will occur near the end cap when removing the cap from the bat.  All new Easton slow pitch bats are vinyl wrapped (not painted) and the laminate decal tends to crease or discolor as pressure is applied.  This doesn't happen all the time, but it can happen.  If you do not want to run the risk of creasing, shrinkage or discoloration, the end cap will have to be drilled out and replaced which is $30 additional.  There is an end cap product to add to the order.  The end cap replacement is a direct match, factory cap.  Search "End Cap" on the website and add 1 to the cart along with the bat **

The Fire Flex IV Balanced bat uses Easton’s Fouth-Generation Fire Flex Barrel Technology which promises to be Easton’s Hottest FireFlex ever! The optimized player swing weight takes into account barrel length, barrel flex and handle stiffness, providing a loaded swing weight for maximum performance. The 13.5” barrel with Ultra Elongated Fibers (UEF) and our patented two-piece ConneXion+ technology guarantees the Fire Flex IV Loaded has the best-in-class feel with a serious reduction in vibration to the hands. This bat is designed with the all-around Hitter in mind and is approved for USSSA, NSA and ISA play

Model: 2020 Easton FIREFLEX IV Loaded 13.5″ USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat SP20FF4L
Weighting: .5oz (Loaded)
Barrel Length: 13.5″
Construction: 2PC Composite
Certifications: USSSA, NSA, ISA
Tech: Fire Flex IV & Ultra Elegonated Fibers
Tech: New Optimized Player Weighting takes into account barrel length, barrel flex and handle stiffness, providing a loaded feel with a smooth swing weight for maximum performance
Tech: Patented 2-Piece CONNEXION+ technology offers best-in-class feel