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2020 Monsta Brian Dezern Warrior USA Softball Bat

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Get your 2020 Monsta Bryan Dezern Warrior USA Slowpitch Softball Bat tuned up by Homerun Derby Bats!  These are some of the best ASA bats on the market bar none.  Rolled or shaved, these bats flat out demolish the mush ball.  Awesome sound and feel with a lot of durability.  Recommended shave option is Level 1 Standard.  Not much is needed to really open this thing up !!!

** This is a low compression 52/300 bat.  Not intended for use on the 44/375s **

2020 USA/ASA Monsta Athletics BRYAN DEZERN SIGNATURE WARRIOR LC – 2 piece with a .5 oz end-load and 3rd generation FIB technology. Not good for non LC balls. Available in 25.5 oz. HOT from the wrapper. M2 cold weather composite Non-linear design

This is an USA/ASA only bat that can only be used with low compression balls like 52/300s and 52/275s