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Paint Cracks

Most bats with the new USSSA thumbprint or the 2013 ASA stamp are prone to surface cracks. These newer bats are designed to unwind themselves as they start to break in. You will notice spiral lines wrapping around the barrel vs. the long, shallow longitudinal cracks the older models developed. This redesign serves 2 purposes: a quicker break in period and more importantly, giving a visual clue the bat is approaching the 1.20 BPF (bat performance factor) limit. As the newer bats begin to approach this mark, raised cracks begin to develop. This is simply a visual clue the bat is hot. This does not necessitate the bat is shaved.   STOCK OR NOT, most new stamped bats will develop this webbing in time as it breaks in.    

The pics below are an example of what paint or surface cracks look like. This is our Easton L6. How many of you would think this bat has seen its day?? Back when this photo was taken, this bat was still in use and was an absolute bomb dropper. Before it officially broke. it was compression testing at 135 which is well beyond the allowable limit (220 is the mark). Although, this is an extreme example of what these stress cracks can look like, it goes to show when these cracks appear, the bat is not broken. Chances are if you see a line or 2 begin to develop, it simply means the bat is breaking in !!! 

018-zps7b7a78c7.jpg 017-zpse6de780c.jpg 016-zps7d57b3b1.jpg