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Shaved Bat Usage Guide

Before you go out and put on a laser show, owning a shaved bat does come with some responsibilities. Remember, its durability is compromised and none of these bats come with warranties should it break.  Don’t be that guy who thinks he can disregard these warnings because we can assure you, it will be like flushing money down a toilet.  Ultimately, this is your bat and you can use it as you like, however, keep in mind if it breaks prematurely, don't say we didn't warn you or make it out to be our problem. 

Our product descriptions, shaving specs and blogs all provide important insight and information on what to expect from your shaved bat should you need a reference. Go out, have fun, but please be respectful of the equipment you purchased and remember, you are accountable in this transaction.  This is the same information found on our legal disclaimer that is approved before completing the transaction and saved with your digital signature of acceptance.  All shaved or rolled bats also come with a usage flyer as another reminder

Maximize the lifespan of your shaved and rolled bat by following these 3 rules:

1) TEMPERATURE THRESHOLDS. Real simple, keep it above these figures

Level 1 – 70+ degrees

Level 2 – 72+ degrees

Level 3 / Stadium or Showcase – 75+ degrees

If it is NOT above these temps OUTSIDE, do not use the bat. Doesn’t matter if you are inside, the bat could break prematurely. We understand this may be difficult for some depending on the time of day or year, but temperature does play a crucial role in durability. Bat warmers, leaving bats on the dash in the sun, leaving the heat on in the truck on the way to the cages all do not help offset for a lower outside temperature.

2) Do NOT use a shaved bat as a dedicated BP bat. By BP, we mean hitting live pitching, tee work, soft toss, etc. over and over again with regulation or harder balls. Plastic balls, whiffle balls, tennis balls, racquet balls are all suitable alternatives to use as practice as they will not impact durability.

3) DO NOT hit cage balls, dimpled balls, heavy balls, rocks, golf balls or any super hard ball in general. Use only regulation balls approved for your association. For ASA men’s slowpitch, it is imperative you use the correct ball as there are 2. If in doubt, call and ask us before destroying your bat