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Polymer Coating

As an additional service, we are offering our polymer wall treatment to anyone looking for MAX durability.  This compound is sprayed on after the bat has been shaved for even distribution completely locking in the bottom layer of composite.  You know those rattles and sandy type noises inside your bat after a few hundred swings?  That is actually the wall breaking down and falling off inside the bat.  This coating prevents the fibers from breaking down as fast as it would naturally therefore increasing the life of the bat. There is no performance loss because the formula is extremely flexible and flexes with the bat (Demarini uses a similar coating on all their bats from the factory).  All of our Stadium products come standard with the polymer due to the extreme nature of the shave performed, but suggest this service to anyone looking to get max life out of their newly shaved bat. 

Below are some before and after picture of the polymer wall treatment. The picture on the left is what the barrel looks like after the shave. The picture on the right is how the barrel looks after treatment.  As the product is sprayed on under high pressure, we tape off the cap area to ensure none of the poly adheres to this section so the end cap seats correctly.  The product is evenly distributed all the way down the barrel sealing in the wall.  

   20140307-002045-zpsf9fd7a27.jpg   20140307-002614-zpsa9d62ed9.jpg