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Insurance Claim Form


Welcome to our package insurance page.  This page reviews the claim process in detail and goes over what information is needed to submit your claim.  We have learned through out the years, shipping carriers rarely approve claims no matter how obvious their negligence is leaving the customer and our company on the hook for an issue neither of us caused.  We do not find this acceptable which is why we have partnered with a 3rd Party insurer for all of our shipping claims.  

The claims process is simple and straight forward.  As long as all the required information needed to submit your claim is in hand, we typically get resolution on claims within 2-3 business days.  Once the claim is approved, we will send out a replacement (as ordered) at no additional cost to you!

To get the claim rolling, first make sure your claim fits the criteria below.  If it does, fill out the form below and attach the required information for underwriting to review.  Any questions, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to assist.  


Lost Package

A package is deemed "lost" if there has not been any scan updates to the tracking for 7 calendar days and the there are not any scans showing a "Delivery".  On day 8, a claim can be submitted for reimbursement. 

For international shipments, if the last scan shows the package is in "Customs", a claim cannot be submitted as it is not deemed "Lost"


Damaged Items

Any structural or cosmetic issue that would prevent you from using the bat.  If this applies to you, please attach the following:

- a picture of the box showing the damage

- a picture of the box showing the shipping label with the flaps in the same picture

- a picture of the product showing the damage

Damaged claims must be filed within 3 business days of receiving the package


Stolen Items

A stolen item is defined as packages scanned "delivered" yet not received.  Packages that required a signature upon delivery cannot be claimed as stolen as there is evidence the package was signed for by someone at the residence

IMPORTANT: Our insurer requires a police report to be attached to all stolen item claims.  This is an extra step in the process, but is a requirement and non-negotiable.  Our insurer takes porch piracy seriously and understands this is a unfortunate reality for a lot of residences and businesses. 

Stolen claims must be filed within 3 calendar days after the scanned delivery date. 


Mail in service bats

If your package contained bat(s) sent in for service, the package insurance you paid at checkout was on the amount of the services, not the product value itself.  Because of the unique nature of our business, we were able to negotiate a deal with our insurer to cover the contents of the package.  To be reimbursed for the purchase price of your bat(s), please attach a copy of the purchase receipt(s) of the bat(s) mailed in for service. 

To qualify for reimbursement, there will be a differential due on what was purchased for the package insurance at checkout vs what the total actually should have been if we known the product value upfront.  The package insurance balance due is calculated as the Product Total on the receipt x 3%.  Once these funds have been received, the reimbursement will be released to us to replace your bat(s).