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Shave Specs

 HDBO offers four bat shaving specs for you to choose from. Shaving bats is our specialty; we have shaved thousands of bats and have developed a custom tune for nearly every model out there. Keep in mind every bat is different so we cannot generalize how much we remove per specification, but we can describe the end result. We fully evaluate bats that are mailed in used before performing the service. For instances where we do not feel comfortable shaving the bat to the requested spec, we will contact you to discuss best options.   




Level 1 Standard

This is our canned tune we have built up this business on.  Just because it is our lowest shave offering, it does not mean by any stretch the bat will not be hot. This baseball and softball bat shaving spec is suitable for 90% of players. Average distance gains are upwards of 30ft (some could see more). We also suggest this shave level for team use or anyone looking for the best durability and longevity. Most bats shaved to this level do not have any audible sound change. Estimated durability loss is 30-40% over stock. Suggested temp to keep above is 70 degrees.  


Level 2 Aggressive

Our Aggressive bat shaving spec is more of a performance shave; however, you can shave some bats to this level without too many durability issues. We do not suggest this shaving spec for team bats that you want to last. This is also a great choice for someone with a slower swing speed or a normal player who wants a great homerun derby bat with "ok" durability. Average distance gains are upwards of 40ft (some could see more). Some bats shaved to this level have a slight audible sound change, but nothing drastic. Most models will experience a noticeable durability loss at this level of shave which we estimate to be around 50-60% over stock.  As mentioned above, there are some exceptions which we note on the product description of the bat itself. Suggested temp to keep above is 75 degrees.  


Level 3 Bat Doc Spec

This baseball and softball bat shaving spec is for those who want a bat that hits bombs. At this level, durability is compromised. We don’t recommend using it as an everyday bat if you want it to last. Estimated durability loss is 80% over stock. These are true Homerun Derby Bats! Sometimes, bats shaved to this level will only last a few swings because of wall inconsistencies from the manufacturing process due to the amount of material being removed. Hitters who hit the ball a long way will break this bat very fast. Overall, this level of shave yields scary results in performance and will be a hard bat to put down. It is highly suggested to manage its use. Average distance gains are upwards of 50ft (some could see more). ALL bats shaved to this level have a noticeable audible sound change. Suggested temp to keep above is 75 degrees.  


Stadium Spec / Showcase Spec

The Stadium Spec / Showcase Spec is for customers who wants to HIT the SH*T OUT OF IT!!! EXTREME shave maxed out 100%, heat rolled and poly coat standard.  These bats have EXTREME durability loss and are on very borrowed time. Estimated durability loss is 90% over stock. For tryouts, showcases, 1 and done events, wagers and bets, this is your bat!  Because of the extreme nature of the shave, we use a very expensive PCD diamond bit to ensure the fibers and resin are consistently cut throughout the bat. Using less than ideal tooling with this level of shave will destroy your bat internally. No one else in the country offers a bat shaving special like this. All manufacturing imperfections at this spec are exposed and the bat will only last through a handful of swings. This is above and beyond any other shave service we offer. Durability will be substantially compromised, but the ball will absolutely fly. Average distance gains upwards of 60ft. ALL bats shaved to this level have a noticeable audible sound change. Suggested temp to keep above is 75 degrees.   


---- Below is very important ----

All distance statements above are referencing a player who can average 300ft total distance with a stock bat.  Keep in mind, we are shaving bats for kids 5 years old all the way up to the old guys playing 80+ mens slowpitch.  There is a wide array of size, skill level, strength and ability for players using our products and services.  If you are not hitting the ball 300ft, the figures above will not be relevant to what you should expect.  A good way to generalize what you can realistically expect is described below.  

(~) means roughly or about the % stated below

Level 1 - ~10% gains over stock distance

Level 2 - ~12% gains over stock distance

Level 3 or Showcase - ~ 15% over stock distance

Example, a kid hits a ball consistently 200ft with a stock bat.  Level 1 will yield approximately 20ft, Level 2 ~ 25ft, level 3 ~30ft.  Again, this is approximate and not every swing will you see these gains. 

Another big, yet important misconception is comparing different models of bats to others that are shaved.  This may sound counter intuitive, but a shaved bat may not necessarily mean you will see more distance vs a stock bat.  This is especially the case with younger players swinging -12 / -10 baseball bats and fastpitch players swinging sizes 31 inches and shorter.  Composite bats have to compress and many kids or undersized players cannot generate the torque or bat speed to compress the barrel.  Low compression or alloy bats are a better choice for these types of players because these models do not have to compress to create distance and a lot of them out distance shaved composite bats.  Also to note, comparing distance gains across different manufacturers will certainly skew these figures.  There are all kinds of bats out there and one model is certainly going to fit your swing better than others.  Technology, scale weight and weight distribution can vary drastically between manufactures.  Smaller or undersized kids will see the most variance from anyone else for the reasons stated above.  Again, -12 or -10 baseball or 31 inch and shorter bats for girls fastpitch

 All things equal, a shaved bat will absolutely out distance the same bat stock under the same exact conditions. 


Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about the best baseball or softball bat to shave or what shaving spec you should go with.