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Do you use a lathe?

YES we do and we can document it 100%.  Pics or video can be provided upon request.  


How long have you been shaving bats?

We have been in the bat shaving business since 2009.  There is pretty much nothing we haven't seen and have experience shaving most every model and make you can think of.   


What is your typical turn around time

Standard turnaround is 5-7 business days  (Mon - Fri).  If you are in need of your bats faster, there are expedited services available for an additional fee.  See link below to our expedited service.


Hours of Operation

Shop hours are 9am - 5pm EST M-F closed on the weekends.  Holidays observed are: 

New Years Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day and Friday before

4th of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday)

Christmas Eve through end of year



Do you have a compression tester?

Yes we do.  Visit our Compression Testing link under Useful Information in the store header for more information or click the link below


Sticker Weight and Finished Weight

We make our best efforts to match up the finished weight to sticker, however, this is not always the case.  There could be some variation due to the balancing / finished weight requested in correlation to the bat getting serviced, construction of the bat from the factory as well as stock availability.  If you prefer to have a bat with matching sticker to finished weight, please let us know up front.      


Will you have to replace my end cap if I get the bat shaved?

The answer is mostly no.  We can get most caps out clean and pride ourselves on doing so as many bat doctors can not make this claim.  There are a select few bats that end cap replacement is necessary and our replacement caps look identical to factory and have similar wear patterns.  You will never know the difference.  


Starting weight

When shaving a bat, this does not matter in most cases.  All similar bats less the end cap and any counter weighting weighs exactly the same (called shell weight).  The way the factory weights the bat to sticker is through handle weighting (balancing) or in the end cap (end loading).  We can do either, your preference.  Most cases, we can shave a 30 oz sticker weighted bat and make it weigh 25 oz and only shave out 1 oz.  The rest of the weight is being offset by moving it around or taking it out completely.  We can also shave a lesser weighted bat from factory and make it a heavier finished weight with a different balancing.


What weight and balancing should I choose? 

For weight, we suggest sticking with whatever you feel most comfortable swinging.  If you swing a 28 oz now, we can make the bat feel the same.  Rule of thumb is you want to be using the heaviest bat possible you can swing the fastest.  Example, you can swing a 26 and 27 oz bat the same speed, but when moving to a 28, your swing speed diminishes.  A 27 oz bat is what you should be swinging.  For balancing, an end loaded bat will always out distance a balanced bat.  There is more inertia in an end loaded bat as the weight is pushed out to the end.  This enables the bat to drive through the ball without any recoil.  If you were to slow down anyone's swing at the MOI (moment of impact), you will notice the bat bounce a little when making contact.  End load helps reduce this recoil as there is more force hitting through the ball.  If you are looking for all out control, a balanced bat is what we recommend.  Think of it this way....say you are balancing a pencil on your finger.  Is a pencil that weighs the same on both ends easier to control or is one with more weight on one side than the other.  Same principle when hitting.      


Can you shave used bats? 

Yes we can.  We fully evaluate used bats as they come in for service to ensure they are still structurally sound before performing the service.  If we find any issues during the eval, we will contact you to discuss.  


Do you service aluminum bats?

Very few aluminum bats can be serviced and those are posted up for sale on the website.  Any others not listed, should not be serviced.  Any reputable bat doctor large in part do not service these types of bats.  Rolling of aluminum is pointless and does nothing other than warp your bat.  Beware of frauds advertising shaving and rolling of aluminum products.    


Do you price match?

Yes and no.  Please contact us if you have a price match question


Do you offer any discounts to Military or first responders?

Yes we do, see our discounts located under Specials in the store header or see link below


Do you stock bats? 

Yes, everything you see on our website we stock.  If you see a bat we do not stock and would like a price, please give us a call to discuss.  


Have you swung the bats you offer for sale? 

Yes, we have swung them all stock and shaved and can give you an informed, honest opinion.  Visit our YouTube channel for actual videos of JP swinging bats! 


Do you overnight ship and ship international? 

Yes we can ship overnight if selected at checkout.  On international shipments, we only ship to Canada and yes, those orders can also be sent overnight delivery if selected


Are there duties to be paid on Canadian shipments?

Although we cannot control customs, all new bats shipped to Canada are shipped as gift and $20 value.  If you are mailing in bats for service, the product cost cannot be amended and will shipped back as good and services at face value of the order



Are you an authorized dealer for the bats you sell?

No, we are NOT affiliated nor an authorized dealer with any bat manufacture.  We are 3rd party resellers


How long will the bat last? 

The answer is it all depends.  Shaving a bat will reduce the durability as the walls are now thinner than factory.  The variables to consider on longevity are:  how hard do you swing?  What kind of balls are you using?  Do you square up or cut the ball?  Is this a team bat?  The temperature?  All of this comes into play.  We cannot make any guarantees, but typically speaking, there is no reason why you should not get a lot of enjoyment.  Our suggestion is to limit its use to only you and not hit a lot of BP with the bat, do not use very hard balls and do not swing it in the cold.  I know it is hard not to do, but if you want it to last, this is the protocol.   


Do you offer any warranties?

Some stock bats come with a 12 month warranty.  Any bat we sell stock that does NOT have a warranty, will be clearly noted in the product description of that product NO WARRANTY or some wording advising there isnt a warranty.  Some examples of stock bats with no warranties are mens slowpitch senior bats, any Monsta bat, etc. 

Rolled, Shaved or any bat that has been altered internally such as discs, sleeves or collars removed are sold as-is without warranty on breakage, however, we do warranty our cap work should it break due to our process.  See our disclaimer for full details


What bats are best for clincher balls?

For the Clincher, we recommend a stiff bat.  The Clincer ball is very spongy and turns to mush quickly.  From our experience, stiffer bats get these balls to compress more which propels them further vs. bats not as stiff.  Not to say other bats do not hit this ball well, but in our professional opinion, go with a stiffer product for best results.  


What sets you apart from the others?

First and foremost, we value and appreciate our customers.  We answer all email, all texts and all calls promptly, practically 24/7.  Our lathe and tooling is top grade AND properly sized.  We use a digital 2 axis digital read out (DRO) to precisely measure our cuts.  Our experience, expertise, cap work is one of the best in the business.  The end caps we use should one need to be replaced, are the best in the business (many cheap caps out there, beware).  We guarantee our cap work.  We stock the bats and cut them to order based upon customer specifications.  We can video or take pics of the work being performed.  We are very meticulous in our work and take our time.  We assure you your bats are shaved to spec, are rolled and not claimed to be and are put back together correctly with the proper epoxy compound and not just press fitted in.  Just a few off the top !!!    

Should you have any other questions relating to our service or bats, feel free to call or text.  Thank you