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Picking out the right bat -- what is best

Posted on Posted by JP on 13th Nov 2019

We get calls on this topic frequently and the answer is pretty straight forward, go with what you feel the most confident swinging.  No one knows your swing better than you.  Odds are, mo … read more

USSSA 2020 Bat Standard and Rule Changes

Posted on Posted by JP on 28th Oct 2019

Below are some important updates coming from USSSA. BaseballBeginning 1/1/2020, 13U Baseball players cannot swing anything lighter than a -8 drop and 14U players nothing lighter than a -5 dr … read more

Bat Compression Scores and the bamboozaling

Posted on Posted by JP on 18th Sep 2019

We get a lot of calls in regards to before and after compression scores of bat rolling and if we provide them.  The short answer is yes we can provide the score if requested, the long answer a … read more