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Best Bats

All bats are not created equal, and Home Run Derby Bats Only’s selection proves that the best bats give you the confidence you need when you step into the box. Take a look at the top bats for 2022 to see which one fits your game best. Our top-performing bats combine performance with durability, giving you the edge over the competitors; after all, you’re smart enough to swing with the best bats available.

 There is no particular order regarding the best bats listed below, but each one can turn you into a prodigious power hitter. Note: all bats with an asterisk attached to them could cause issues for stronger children, considering the added boost could put defenders in danger. Additionally, every bat listed is shaved and rolled, giving the batted ball an added boost off these top bats for 2022.


* All bats with an asterisk are somewhat problematic for stronger kids, but are hot

All bats on this list are as shaved and rolled

Bats are not listed in any particular order from best to not quite the best, all are recommended



Best Bats for 2022

 Most everyone knows USA bats are absolute garbage.  Shaved and Rolled, this is it of what we recommend.  Nothing else.  


 USA (-11) 

 2022 Louisville Slugger Solo (rings removed)


USA (-10) 

2022 Louisville Slugger Omaha (rings removed)

2022 Louisville Slugger Prime -10*


USA (-8)

2022 Rawlings Quatro *


USA (-5)

2022 Easton ADV *


USSSA (-12)

2022 Easton Maxum JBB


USSSA (-10)

2022 Louisville Slugger Meta

2022 Easton Maxum

2023 Marucci Cat X Composite


USSSA (-8)

2023 Marucci Cat X Composite

2022 Louisville Slugger Meta


USSSA (-5)

2022 Demarini Zen or ZOA

2022 Louisville Slugger Meta

2022 Easton Hype



2022 Louisville Slugger Meta

2023 Marucci Cat X Composite

2022 Easton Maxum







 Rolled (no shave)

2022 Easton Ghost (any model)*


Shaved and Rolled (-10 or -9)

2022 Louisville Slugger LXT*

2022 Louisville Slugger Meta

2022 Demarini CF


 Shaved and Rolled (-11)

2022 Demarini CF*

2022 Louisville Slugger LXT





 USSSA (Shaved or Rolled) -- 240 models below

2021 Suncoast Ruckus

2022 Miken Freak Gold

2022 Anarchy Yin or Yang


USSSA (Shaved or Rolled) -- 220 models below (2021 models)

2021 Miken Last Call 14 inch

2021 Miken KP23


 ASA 52/300 (Shaved or Rolled)

2021 Anarchy (any)

2021 Monsta (any)

2022 Worth Ryan Harvey Kretcher


 ASA 44/375 (Shaved or Rolled)

 Anarchy (any other than Crusher)

Suncoast Backlash

Demarini Mercy


Clincher Balls

Easton Empire Senior Bats

Monsta (any asa)

** USSSA bats do not hit these bats good at all.  Senor bats or low compression ASA bats hit clinchers the best **



Suncoast Melees (Melee 3, Max 2, Reloaded, Diamond -- doesnt matter, all mash)

Adidas Melee 2P

2023 Easton Empire or Helmer Hitman