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Best Bats

The fact is, not every bat is created equal.  Below are our shops Top Performing bats for the 2022 season.  Top Performing is defined as performance / durability combination.  Some bats are hot and not durable and some are durable, but do not perform.  The bats mentioned below are the best of both worlds and what we feel would give you a competitive edge over the competition.  For clarification, the bats mentioned below are not in any particular order of performance. 


* Bats with an asterisk are somewhat problematic for stronger kids, but are hot

All bats on this list are as shaved and rolled





 USA (-11)

 2022 Louisville Slugger Solo (rings removed)

2022 Easton ADV*


USA (-10 or -8)

2022 Louisville Slugger Omaha (rings removed)

2022 Louisville Slugger Select

2020 Louisville Slugger Prime -10*


USA (-5)

2022 Louisville Slugger Select

2022 Easton ADV


USSSA (-12)

2020 Easton Maxum JBB


USSSA (-10)

2022 Demarini Zen*

2022 Louisville Slugger Meta

2022 Easton Maxum


USSSA (-8)

2022 Demarini Zen*

2022 Louisville Slugger Meta


USSSA (-5)

2022 Demarini Zen

2021 Louisville Slugger Meta

2020 Easton Maxum


BBCOR (rolled only no shave)

2021 Rawlings Quatro


BBCOR (shaved)

2021 Easton Maxum Ultra

2022 Easton Hype

2022 Louisville Slugger Meta







 Rolled (no shave)

2021 Easton Ghost Advanced or Gold*


Shaved and Rolled (-10 or -9)

2022 Louisville Slugger LXT*

2022 Demarini CF


 Shaved and Rolled (-11)

2022 Demarini CF*





 USSSA (Shaved or Rolled) -- 240 models below

2021 Miken KP23

Suncoast Ruckus

2022 Easton Comic Series or Resmondo


 ASA 52/300 (Shaved or Rolled)

2021 Anarchy (any)

2021 Monsta (any)

2021 Worth Ryan Harvey Kretcher


 ASA 44/375 (Shaved or Rolled)

 Anarchy (any)

2021 Demarini Mercy



Suncoast Melee 3

Suncoast Diamond Balanced

2022 Easton Empire 2 piece