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2022 LS Meta Fastpitch Softball Bat -- SHOWCASE SPEC

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** Please note this is a multi bat listing for -10 or -9 2022 LS Meta Fastpitch bats.  The size drop down has both models displayed.  The size you select will be the model received.  **

The 2022 LS Meta Fastpitch bat is one ridiculously hot bat shaved to our SHOWCASE spec.  Surprisingly enough, these bats have better durability then a lot of other bats shaved to this level, however, durability will still be compromised.  The ball launches of these things and the sound is amazing.   These bats will scale out light once all said and done and swing very balanced.  We can end load to about a full ounce if notated  

All Showcase Bats are performance oriented.  EXTREME shave maxed out 100%, heat rolled and poly coat standard.  These bats come SHOWCASE READY SWING ONE!  Durability will be compromised, but the ball will absolutely fly.  Set the tone for the event with anyone of these bad boys.  There is no doubt everyone will know who you are after this one!