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How to break in your bat

No matter the shaving spec you go with, ALL bats require some level of break in.  Some take only a few swings, some take quite a few.  You may read on our competitors websites their shaving and rolling process fully breaks in your bat and it cannot be anymore further from the truth.  You have to physically swing your bat for it to break in as it was intended to.  Yes shaving / rolling does simulate swings, but nothing can simulate the real thing which is hitting a ball, PERIOD. 

Due to the number of variables in play, it is impossible to tell you how many swings it will take to fully break in your bat.  The only way for me to describe it is you will will be a no doubter once the bat gets to this point and that's when you put down the bat and let it ride.  Again, this could take a few swings or quite a few.  Should you have specific questions, you are more than welcome to call and discuss

Another important reference point are balls.  Balls are just as important in the break in process as the service selected.  If you have very beat up, old, spongy balls, your bat will take forever to break in.  It is my suggestion to invest in a good set of balls dedicated to BP use.  Some bats we suggest to dial it back on the hardness, but in general, balls are the key to breaking in bats.  

Ball suggestions


  • Evil BP Rockets or BP 52s
  • Classic M 40/325 ZNs or X-rocks
  • X-Rock ASA 44/375
  • Evil or X-Rock 52/300

Baseball or Fastpitch

  • Regulation game balls


Slowpitch ASA (2018+ models)

  • Use ONLY 52/300s.  DO NOT hit 44/375s with any bat less it being approved for the 44/375 ball.  99% of the newer ASA bats are designed to flex with the 52/300 so there is a good chance your bat is not rated for the harder 44/375.  44/375s will cause these bats to over compress and break very fast.  If you are unsure, please give us a call before guessing the wrong way and destroying your bat.  We will not replace it

Slowpitch USSSA

  • Classic Ms or Evil BP Rockets

Senior Slowpitch

  • 44/375s or Classic Ms

Baseball USSSA or Fastpitch (any bat)

  • Regulation game balls only, live pitching.  TEE WORK WILL NOT BREAK IN YOUR BAT LIKE LIVE PITCHING WILL.  If you want to practice with whiffle, tennis or racquet balls, it wont hurt the bat.  Most cases, these bats break in EXTREMELY fast, such as a matter of swings.  I STRESS DO NOT OVER DO IT !!!

Baseball USA or BBCOR

  • Regulation game balls only, live pitching.  TEE WORK WILL NOT75 BREAK IN YOUR BAT LIKE LIVE PITCHING WILL.  If you want to practice with whiffle, tennis or racquet balls, it wont hurt the bat.  Depending on the bat, this could take some swings.  BBCOR / USA bats are tightly wound bats and designed NOT TO FLEX.  I cant tell you how long it will take, but it will take longer than a few swings.  The more power you have, the less time it will take.  

Again, these are all general guidelines to bat break in.  If you have a method that works for you outside of my suggestions, by all means continue doing what you do.   For those new to this or just starting out, these are some good general rules of thumbs to follow.