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Dudley Lightning End load 13" SSUSA Senior Softball Bat

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This bat is being sold for a customer, price is what he wants.  Bat is brand new in the wrapper, 26oz and might be the only one like this left out there.  Once item is paid, the bat will be shipped directly by the consignor who is in California.  Any communication will be handled through us here if you have any questions so it remains confidential.  

Model: LLESP

Grip Spin Technology: Innovative advancement engineered into your bat barrel that allows the barrel surface to grip the ball on a cut-swing and increase spin revolutions. This can cause the ball to rise higher, stay in the air longer and result in more distance. If you are looking for more distance, then "Grip It and Spin It!"

End-Loaded Version is for strong hitters that can swing fast and want more mass at the end of the bat and created more bat speed.
Fusion-Composite Design
1.21 BPF Legal only for Senior Softball SSUSA
13" Barrel
No Warranty