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Miken Slowpitch STADIUM SPEC

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Stadium Spec

The Stadium Spec is our top of the line shave and roll.  EXTREME shave maxed out 100%, heat rolled and poly coat standard.  These bats will come 95% broken in and will need very little swings for it to stand up completely.  Because of the extreme nature of the shave, we use a very expensive PCD diamond bit to ensure the fibers and resin are consistently cut through out the bat.  Using less than ideal tooling with this level of shave will destroy your bat internally.  Durability will be compromised, but the ball will absolutely fly.  Average distance gains 60+ft.  

All stadium bats feature:

PCD Diamond EXTREME shave
Heated rolling treatment
Polymer Wall coating
End loading

If you would like the bat balanced, please leave a comment at checkout.  Anyone of these bats will hit absolute creatures.  These are some of the hottest bats ever made.  



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    Bought this bat as a homerun showcase bat! We hit long balls before highshool and small college baseball and softball games! This bat (only hit it a few times) came out screaming hot!

    Posted by Long Ball Hitter on 8th Feb 2021