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-- Shipping and Handling --

Customer will select the shipping method during the checkout process. If free shipping is selected, Customer forfeits the carrier of choice from which the package will be shipped.  Company ships USPS Priority Mail, UPS or Fed Ex.  Order tracking will be sent to the email provided on the purchase order at the time of label creation.  All orders of $750.00 or more will be shipped signature required. Any order less than $750.00 will NOT be shipped signature required unless requested by the Customer in writing before the item has shipped.    

Company allows the shipping address to be modified from the original order as long as it is in writing from Customer before the item has shipped.  It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure any special or specific delivery comments are clearly documented on the shipping address before completing the transaction.  If Customer would like to use their own shipping label, Customer can email a label to use as long as it is with USPS, UPS or Fed Ex.  Company cannot use Customer shipping account numbers to generate a label.

Company does not ship bats in mailing tubes with end caps nor does Company re-use customer supplied packaging.  All bats are boxed in heavy plied, thick cardboard boxes.  Company does not sleeve bats, wrap bats, or stuff boxes full of padding upon shipment.  Company does take care and selects the appropriate sized box for the number of bats being shipped.  All packages are inspected before scheduled pick up to insure labels are cleanly placed and tape used is secured.  If your location is known for theft, please use an alternate shipping address or request the package be sent signature required.  If Customer has knowledge of a shipping carrier to be problematic or has preference over 1 carrier than the other, it is the Customers responsibility to select the appropriate shipping carrier at checkout.  

All rates and shipments are calculated at each carrier's default insured values.   USPS Priority mail shipments are insured at $50.  UPS and Fed Ex packages are insured at $100.  Company liability ends once the package is scanned in as received by the shipping carrier.  Company does not guarantee delivery or delivery estimates provided by the shipping carrier.

It is the Customer's responsibility to notify Company of any shipping related issues pertaining to your delivery.  Should a situation arise where a claim is submitted, Customer acknowledges and understands

1) Payouts of insured value are at the sole discretion of the carrier.  

2) Company will not replace nor reimburse Customer for any claim submitted and approved by the shipping carrier outside of the insured value of the package.

3) Company will NOT refund Customer any monies less the claim being approved by carrier.  

At the sole discretion of Customer, Customer can elect to add additional insurance at checkout which insures the shipment at the product total. The insurance is with a 3rd party underwriter, not the shipping carrier themself. Package Protection covers lost, stolen, and damaged items that fit the following criteria (see link below):