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2021 Miken DC41 12 inch Supermax USSSA

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Expected release date is 8th Nov 2021


The DC41 is back and now in 240 compression, but wait, a 12 inch barrel?  YES SIR!!!  The 2021 Miken DC41 12 icnh Supermax USSSA features a 12.25" barrel with mammoth 1oz end load.  This is a power hitters bat in every since of the word and swings heavy.  If you are not used to a bat this end loaded, we suggest to go down 1oz in weight to offset the weight distribution.  Bat mashes and will pummel the ball.  Level 2 full service is our suggestion for durability / performance combination.   


NEW Technology for 2021

C-4 Proprietary Carbon Fiber – Maximizes the angle layup in the design process for unmatched performance and consistency. Developed and produced in-house by our world-class composite engineers.

E-Flex 360 – The E-Flex 360 Barrel is designed with our exclusive C-4 Carbon Fiber which allows for maximum flex, performance, and durability 360 degrees around the barrel.

F4P Technology – NEW F4P Tech improves handle to barrel energy transfer to maximize performance and barrel flex.

A1 Knob – The A1 smaller kob provides increased comfort on overlap and standard softball hand grips.

Certifications: USSSA, ISA, GSL, NSA – New USSSA 240 Compression NTS Tested
Construction: 2PC Composite
Barrel Length: 12.25″
Weighting: Supermax (1 oz)