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2021 Miken Ultra Mike Macenko Big Cat Fusion SSUSA

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These bats swing EXTREMELY HEAVY!!  The 2021 Miken Ultra Fusion Mike Macenko Big Cat SSUSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat returns with all-new tech for all-new performance in senior slow pitch softball.  Suggest keeping the shave level to level 1 for any chance of maintaining durability.  If you are not used to swinging a bat with a heavy end load, we suggest going down 1oz if you wanted to try it out.  When you connect it does go.

** The end caps on these bats large in part do not fit flush all the way around the barrel. If you receive a bat where the end cap is not dead flush all the way around, do not be alarmed. The cap is properly secured inside. This is how they come from the factory and it is really a hit or miss of how good the outer fitment is. Most of these models will have a slight overlap on 1 side, but it could be more than slight depending on what we received.  We try and true these up the best we can, but sometimes it is not possible as the end cap has a larger diameter than the barrel itself. A lot of these models could also have a rolled edge that tucks up under the end cap which is also how they come from the factory. Again, all depends on how it comes from the factory **

Building on the success of the 2019 lineup, the engineers at Miken reworked the 2-piece design with an all-new Z1659 performance composite setup. The whole bat, from top to bottom is optimized with exculsive materials, engineered fiber angles and multiple walls – all designed for a lower starting compression and huge sweet spot.  With the 2020 Miken Ultra Fusion Mike Macenko Big Cat SSUSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat you get the famous 1oz. “Big Cat” end load, a 14″ barrel and the confidence you need to blast from the plate.  The ZLOCK handle offer the perfect blend of flex, feel and torque to maximize bat speed.

14″ 100% Composite Barrel
2-Piece Construction
Mike “Big Cat” Macenko Signature Model
1oz. “Big Cat” End Load
Z1649 – Lower compression & huge sweet spot
ZLOCK – Perfect blend of flex, feel & torque to maximize speed
100 COMP Performance Composite
No Manufacturer’s Warranty
Made In USA


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