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2021 Worth Mach 1 XL USA / ASA

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The 2021 Worth Mach 1 XL ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat is back for another run!  Overall has a nice feel and is not overly end loaded.  Recommended shave spec is level 1.  


** The end caps on these bats large in part do not fit flush all the way around the barrel. If you receive a bat where the end cap is not dead flush all the way around, do not be alarmed. The cap is properly secured inside. This is how they come from the factory and it is really a hit or miss of how good the outer fitment is. Most of these models will have a slight overlap on 1 side, but it could be more than slight depending on what we received.  We try and true these up the best we can, but sometimes it is not possible as the end cap has a larger diameter than the barrel itself. A lot of these models could also have a rolled edge that tucks up under the end cap which is also how they come from the factory. Again, all depends on how it comes from the factory **

Sporting a new bright look, the 2021 Worth Mach 1 Maxload is back on the field this year. This proven piece of technology was one of our hottest selling ASA bats last year. Shoot for the fence with the extra whip from the max loaded super barrel!

With a four-piece, 100% composite construction, these slowpitch bats are long-lasting, forgiving on mishits, and offer more plate coverage than ever before with an extended sweet spot. Made in the USA and manufactured out of Worth's CF100 carbon fiber, the MACH 1 softball bats come with a true-to-weight feel that helps increase overall bat speed. The CF100 combines with the revolutionary Quad Comp and uses a urethane joint to increase flex, enhance whip, optimize performance, and guarantee that you crush balls over the centerfield fence with ease. Under the barrel, Worth has also applied their Flex 100 technology which provides a stiff feel with a collar that creates an optimal flex point for unbeatable bat speed and distance on contact.

This 2021 Worth MACH 1 maxload 13.5" Slow Pitch Softball Bat (WM21MA) features a standard 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter, a 13.5-inch barrel length, and a maxloaded (.5 oz) swing weight for more whip through the zone on a huge barrel. With multiple certification stamps, this model is approved for play only in USA Softball (ASA) Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments.

Product Features:
13.50 Inch Barrel Length
2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
Max Loaded Swing Weight
Color Scheme: Green and Black
Four-Piece, Composite Softball Bat
Quad Comp Increases Flex, Optimizes Performance, & Extends The Sweet Spot
CF100 Uses A 100% Carbon Fiber Barrel For Unbelievable Durability
Flex 50 Technology Delivers An Ultra Thin Handle With Unmatched Whip
Hot Out Of The Wrapper Performance
Forgiving On Mishits
Approved for Play only in USA Softball (ASA) Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments.
Manufactured With Pride In The USA


  • 5
    Great bat and service

    Hot out of the wrapper. Great sound. Excellent service

    Posted by Lester on 29th Apr 2021