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2022 Easton ADV Hype -5 USSSA Baseball Bat

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The 2022 Easton Hype -5 USSSA baseball bat is Easton's latest flagship model for USSSA.  Back to an old school design, the Hypes are very similar to the 2 5/8 USSSA Easton's from a few years ago such as the Ghost, Beast, XL1 and S1s.  These bats are STUPID hot shaved and destroy the ball.  Overall a very solid bat that hits great and sounds good to.  This bat will be hard to beat in terms of performance.  Recommended shave spec is level 2 with the polymer coating!

• NEW Thermo Composite Technology™ – Combines a massive barrel and sweet spot for the lightest swinging bat in Easton’s lineup, delivering explosive power
• NEW ConneXion Max™ – Maximizes energy transfer with an even stiffer feel on contact, and injected with Nitrocell™ foam to help dramatically reduce vibration
• Power Boost™ “Soft Knob” Technology – Provides hitters with more leverage, while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand
• NEW Pro Stiff Carbon Handle™ – Designed with extra-stiff carbon fibers to create a more solid handle, giving the most elite athletes that stiff feel they love
• Flow-Tack™ Grip – Easton’s most premium grip provides the ultimate combination of cushion and tack in solid color design
• Certification: USSSA 1.15 B

Easton P/N: A112953
Weighting: Speed Balanced
Construction: 2PC Composite
Certifications: USSSA