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2022 Miken Ultra Gamer Series 12 inch Maxload SSUSA

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SHAVED amnd ROLLED -- 2022 Miken Ultra Gamer Series 12 inch Maxload SSUSA senior softball bat.  This model hits very similar to the Johnny Bailey bat from our testing.  Features a 12 inch barrel with half ounce end load.  Overall a very easy bat to swing.  Suggested shave spec is level 1 for optimum performance / durability combination

E FLEX 360 BARREL– Designed with exclusive C-4 carbon fiber which allows for max flex, performance 360° durability.

C-4- Exclusive premium grade C-4 proprietary carbon fiber maximizes the angle laup in the design process.
F4P-The new F4P improves the handle to barrel energy transfer to maximize performance.
Construction: 2PC Composite
Barrel Length: 12″
Weighting: Maxload (0.5oz)
Certifications: SSUSA, ISA
Warranty: As with all senior bats, this bat does not have a warranty.