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2022 Miken Ultra Gamer Series Maxload SSUSA

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Get your hands on the all new 2021 Miken Ultra Gamer Series Maxload SSUSA senior softball bat.  This model hits very similar to the Alan Tanner Worth bat from our testing.  Features a 14 inch barrel with half ounce end load.  Overall a very easy bat to swing.  Suggested shave spec is level 1 for optimum performance / durability combination

Z1649-Optimizes a combination of exclusive material fiber angles through the multiple walls, creating lower compression and a mammoth sweet spot.

ZLOCK-Perfect blend of flex, feel, and torque to maximize bat speed.

Model: 2021 Miken Ultra Gamer Series Maxload 14″ SSUSA Senior Softball Bat MUL21S
Construction: 2PC Composite
Barrel Length: 14″
Weighting: Maxload (0.5oz)
Certifications: SSUSA, ISA
Warranty: As with all senior bats, this bat does not have a warranty.