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2023 California Bat Company The Little Mexican 2 Piece SSUSA

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ETA 3/15


SHAVED and ROLLED -- 2023 California Bat Company The Little Mexican 2 Piece SSUSA softball bats.  Personally like the Red Lil Mexican better, but without a doubt, one of my new favorite bats.  Overall, I really like this brand of bats and they have now made our top picks for SSUSA.  This company will give Suncoast a run for its money.  You do not see many of these out there, but can tell you the performance on these are ridiculous shaved.  This model has a pretty big end load and would suggest going down an ounce over normal if you are not used to swing a huge end load.  If opting for the shave service, our suggestion is level 1 for optimum performance / durability combination.  

2022 West Coast Legend Series

Leroy Dozal - The Little Mexican

SSUSA Approved

California Bat Company

25oz, 26oz, 27oz, 28oz

3/4 oz Load

2 Piece Green Barrell

No Warranty