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2023 Easton Hellcat Fire Flex Mule Load USSSA

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SHAVED | ROLLED -- 2023 Easton Hellcat Fire Flex Mule Load USSSA slowpitch softball bat.  One of the most highly sought after bats of 2021 is bat again and now in 240 compression.  Features a 12.75" inch barrel with a massive end load.  Swings very heavy and would highly suggest dropping down an ounce from what you usually swing if you are not used to a huge end load.  If opting for the shave, we would suggest the level 2 aggressive for optimum performance / durability combination.  

** NOTE -- the end caps on these bats are very soft and malleable.  In the event the cap splits or warps beyond repair, the cap will need to be replaced which is $30 additional.  Unfortunately, there are not any direct replacements for this model at this time.  The replacement cap will be solid black 2020 model style which is the only option.  The odds of this happening is around 1 / 20, but it can happen.  Buyer understands and accepts the risk of cap replacement if purchasing this product.  **

Ultra Elongated Fibers – Provides the largest sweet spot area possible
· NEW CXN MAX – Eliminates vibration in the handle of the bat to provide best in class feel
· Fire Flex™ barrel technology creates insane pop out of the wrapper
· Optimized Player Weighting – Loaded
· 12.75” Barrel
· Available in 26oz, 27oz, 28oz
· Approved for play in USSSA 240 New NTS Testing standards, NSA and ISA