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2023 Miken Freak 23 Maxload USA / ASA

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SHAVED and ROLLED -- 2023 Miken Freak 23 Maxload USA / ASA slowpitch softball bat.  This bat is one of the better mush ball ASA bats available.  Swings effortlessly and has a nice feel.  If you want any chance of the bat holding up, our suggestion is to keep the shave to level 1.  These bats have durability issues with anything more than that.  One of our shops top picks for ASA 2023 mushball  

** DO NOT HIT 44/375s WITH THIS BAT **

** The end caps on these bats large in part do not fit flush all the way around the barrel. If you receive a bat where the end cap is not dead flush all the way around, do not be alarmed. The cap is properly secured inside. This is how they come from the factory and it is really a hit or miss of how good the outer fitment is. Most of these models will have a slight overlap on 1 side, but it could be more than slight depending on what we received.  We try and true these up the best we can, but sometimes it is not possible as the end cap has a larger diameter than the barrel itself. A lot of these models could also have a rolled edge that tucks up under the end cap which is also how they come from the factory. Again, all depends on how it comes from the factory **

Only 1,000 of these 25-Year Anniversary 2023 Miken FREAK 23 Maxload 2pc 12" Barrel ASA/USA Slowpitch Softball Bat. The hottest and best selling Miken USA Slowpitch Bat of 2022 is back and ready to smash the competition in 2022. The new 2023 Miken Freak Kyle Pearson Signature model offers Tetra-Core technology which increases sweet spot size and durability. The Flex 2 Power (F2P) handle technology optimizes flex and barrel loading to maximize swing speeds through the zone.

This 2023 Miken Freak 23 is a 12 Inch Maxload USA (Formerly ASA) Slow Pitch Softball Bat (MFRK3A) featuring a standard 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter, a short 12-inch barrel length, and a max load (.5oz) end load that is preferred by players who want more power. Popularly known as the KP23, this model is approved for ASA (USA Softball) Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments.

Product Features:

Kyle Pearson's Signature 2023 Softball Bat

12 Inch Barrel Length

2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter

Maxload (.5oz) End Load

2-Piece, Composite Softball Bat

Designed Specifically For Lower Compression, 52 COR Softballs

Flex 2 Power (F2P) Technology Optimizes Flex & Barrel Loading To Maximize Speed Through The Zone

Revolutionary 100 COMP Utilizes 100% Premium Aerospace Grade Fibers To Deliver Legendary Performance & Durability

Tetra-Core Technology Increases Sweet Spot Size and Durability

Approved for Play in USA/ASA Softball Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments.

Manufactured In The USA


  • 5
    It looks great

    Good bat and brings me back 20 some years when I used to use the original. Look that they made the knobs smaller.

    Posted by Justen K Shelton on 8th Apr 2023