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2023 Miken Ultra Fusion Johnny Bailey 12 Maxload SSUSA

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SHAVED and ROLLED -- 2023 Miken Ultra Fusion Johnny Bailey 12 Maxload SSUSA.  The 2022 Miken Ultra Fusion Johnny Bailey 12″ Maxload SSUSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat returns with all-new tech.  This bat in my opinion, is Miken's best performing senior bat.  Swings with ease and just feels right.  The 12 inch barrel does have a smaller sweet spot, however, the ball jumps either way.  Suggest keeping the shave level to level 1 to maintain any durability. 

** The end caps on these bats large in part do not fit flush all the way around the barrel. If you receive a bat where the end cap is not dead flush all the way around, do not be alarmed. The cap is properly secured inside. This is how they come from the factory and it is really a hit or miss of how good the outer fitment is. Most of these models will have a slight overlap on 1 side, but it could be more than slight depending on what we received.  We try and true these up the best we can, but sometimes it is not possible as the end cap has a larger diameter than the barrel itself. A lot of these models could also have a rolled edge that tucks up under the end cap which is also how they come from the factory. Again, all depends on how it comes from the factory **


E FLEX 360 BARREL- Designed with exclusive C-4 carbon fiber which allows for max flex, performance 360° durability.
C-4- Exclusive premium grade C-4 proprietary carbon fiber maximizes the angle laup in the design process.
F4P-The new F4P improves the handle to barrel energy transfer to maximize performance.
Construction: 2PC Composite
Barrel Length: 12"
Weighting: Maxload (0.5oz)
Certifications: SSUSA, ISA
Warranty: As with all senior bats, this bat does not have a warranty.


Miken Freak Platinum Jason Kendrick BP Session -- Shaved / Rolled by


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    I've only put on a few hits in a cage but like how it feels so far. Let me say the whole process from start to finish is the best in the biz. Communication is excellent. Received an email confirming the order, got an email when the order was shipped and received the order on time. Will definitely do business again with HRDB. Thank you for making this a great transaction!!

    Posted by Anonymous on 12th Nov 2022