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2024 Demarini Mercy ASA

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Bar none, one of the BEST shaved ASA bats there is.  The 2024 Demarini Mercy ASA Slowpitch bat is a retake of the 2023 model.  Hot and durable!  Adding an end loading totally transforms this bat.  The Mercy only comes in 25 or 26 oz sticker weights, but we can re-weight them heavier if you prefer.  Without question will be one of the hottest bats you can get for 44/375 balls, but also hits the 52/300s well.  Suggested shave spec is level 2 on 52s and level 1 for 44s.

Save your forgiveness for the teammates in the dugout. Introducing the 2024 DeMarini Mercy Slowpitch bat, a balanced stick engineered to help players maximize barrel control and rack up hits in USA play. Engineered with a 13” Stack3d Composite Barrel, the Mercy empowers hitters to take care of business and keep the line moving on the base paths. Pair that double wall barrel construction with a stiff 4.One Hybrid Handle to light up the scoreboard and show no pity to your opponents.

Product Features:

13 inch Barrel Length
2 1/4 inch Barrel Diameter
Two Piece Composite Softball Bat
Stack3d Double Wall Barrel Construction
4.One Composite Handle: A stiffer handle designed for increased barrel performance
Designed and Built in the USA
Approved for play in all USA (Formerly ASA) Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments