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2024 Rawlings Icon USSSA -5 Baseball Bat

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SHAVED and ROLLED -- 2024 Rawlings Icon USSSA -5 Baseball Bat.  New and improved with an all new In/Tense directional carbon composite which essentially allows the barrel to flex a little more with a softer feel.  This bat is very balanced and is a very hot bat stock and insanely hot  shaved.  Recommended shave spec is level 1 and strongly suggest not to go anymore than that if you want any shot of this bat holding up.  Level 2 or 3 will break VERY quick and even level 1 can be problematic for stronger kids.  

We took one of the hottest bats in USSSA and made it better: introducing the 2024 Rawlings Icon USSSA baseball bat!  The Icon took the game by storm thanks to its groundbreaking In/Tense directional carbon composite, which delivered lower compression across the entire barrel of the bat with no break-in required. As a result, hitters found more power more consistently, and benefited from a buttery smooth feel and complete control of the barrel.

In addition, the Zero-Loss technology means that no power is lost in the two-piece connection joint, which also provides optimal flex and eliminates any sting on mishits. Plus, the Tuned Balance swing weight adapts to any style of hitter to deliver a comfortable, confident cut on any pitch.

The 2024 model features an all new tapered, more flexible handle to give players a better feel in the hands and more whip through the zone, increasing swing speeds and delivering more force. And, of course, the 2024 Icon features a stunning white-and-gold color design that will be the envy of any dugout where the Icon graces the bat rack.



Hitting with the 2024 RAWLINGS ICON | USSSA Baseball Bat Review