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2024 Suncoast Melee Megaload SSUSA

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Available end of September



SHAVED and ROLLED -- 2024 Suncoast Melee Megaload SSUSA softball bat.  And that's what she said!  The Melee Megaload is all new for this model year.  Features a massive 1oz end load 2 piece 12 inch barrel.  This thing CRUSHES and swings very heavy!  I personally dont see the point of swinging bats this end loaded but if you connect, it will certainly go.  Breaks in very fast AND (somehow), holds compression.  If opting for the shave, I would stay level 1 if you want to maintain some durability.  


Ultimate Fiber Compression Technology
Engineered with our UFC Barrel Technology for enhanced durability and consistent performance on every hit!

Max Speed Handle
Both the Melee Megaload and Reloaded3 Series Bats are engineered with a smaller handle diameter to maximize barrel whip resulting in your max speed with excellent control of the bat.

Stick & Spin Barrel Technology
A tackified barrel surface that “grips” the ball on a cut swing, spinning the ball faster for a higher ball trajectory and max distance on your blast!

OPTI-DURA Performance Composite
Aerospace-Grade Carbon Fiber combined with Suncoast’s Proprietary manufacturing process results in max performance and durability – hit after hit.

Barrel Type: 12” Barrel, 2-Piece Design
Weighting: MEGA-POWER End-Load
Weights: 34”/ 25.5oz, 26.5oz, 27.5oz
Signature: JD Genter
Warranty: None