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2024 Suncoast Ruckus MAX 2 13 Balanced USSSA

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SHAVED and ROLLED -- 2024 Suncoast Ruckus MAX 2 13 Balanced USSSA slowpitch softball bat.  The Max 2 Ruckus is a noticeably stiffer bat and will take a little bit to open up unlike its predecessor.  This bat ultimately gets just as hot, but takes more swings to get it there.  Recommended shave spec is level 2 for optimum performance / durability combination.  In my opinion, the 13 inch barrel hits best and this is the best one of them all.  One of our shops top picks for 240 USSSA

The 2-piece RUCKUS MAX 2 13″ Balanced Bat is for hitters who use bat speed to drive the ball down the line or into the gaps.

Length: 34″
Weights: 25oz, 26oz, 27oz, 28oz, 30oz


This RUCKUS MAX 2, two-piece high-end bat, features Suncoast’s MAX Technologies including:

Suncoast’s proprietary STICK & SPIN Barrel Coating Technology to maximize the flight and distance characteristics of the softball.

Suncoast’s industry-first, MAX SPEED HANDLE TECHNOLOGY – which maximizes your bat speed while still maintaining excellent bat control to the player.

Suncoast’s proprietary Opti-Dura Performance Aerospace-Grade Composite Materials in the launch section for ultimate performance and a great feel during ball-bat contact.

Opti-Dura Composite Handle Design is engineered to control vibration and maximize your handle stiffness for longer hits.

The patented Hi-Energy Polymeric Link System securely connects the hyper-stiff handle to the high-performance barrel and acts like a blocking mechanism by cutting off vibration to your hands on off-center hits.

Equipped with the Suncoast foam-backed tackified bat grip providing the ultimate in comfort and control

Marked with Rotation Numbers on the barrel to aid in the rotation of the bat from hit to hit in order to lengthen the life expectancy of the Ruckus Max.


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