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2024 Worth Legit Watermelon XL USA / ASA

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SHAVE and ROLLED -- 2024 Worth Legit Watermelon XL USA / ASA.  This is the first ASA / USA Watermelon to date.  Essentially a painted Worth Krecher.  Features a 13.5" barrel with a .5oz end load.  Level 1 shave is what we suggest for performance / durability combination.  This is a limited run bat and will sell fast.  Dont miss out!

Quad Comp Barrel - Creates unmatched whiplash through the hitting zone while optimizing performance of the inner barrel for a bigger sweetspot and greater distance.

The stiff flex 100 handle offers a stiffer feel for optimal barrel flex through the zone.

Opti Grip Knob is a smaller knob that provides added comfort.

.5 oz XL Swing Weight

13.5” Barrel

Available in 26 oz and 27 oz

Approved for play in USA