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Adidas Melee Balanced SSUSA Senior Softball Bat

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Get your Adidas Melee Balanced Senior Softball bat tuned up by Homerun Derby Bats!  This is one of the hottest senior bats there is and my personal all time favorite.  Smooth swinging and mashes in every sense of the word.  Very limited supply available, get one before they are gone.  Suggested shave spec is level 1 for optimum performance / durability combination.  BOMBS AWAY!

  • Approved by Senior Softball USA and ISA.
  • The original 1-piece Adidas Melee2 senior softball bats are designed with Adidas’ Taylor Made golf shaft technology to optimize your swing speed and feel like the barrel whips through the hitting zone maximizing your performance.
  • The use of golf-shaft technology provides maximum handle stiffness for longer hits and excellent vibration control to the hitter’s hands.
  • Equipped with Adidas’ foam-backed bat grip adds the ultimate grip in cushion, comfort, and control.


Shaved / Rolled Adidas Melee BP Session --


  • 5

    Nice to swing and solid. Much better than a two piece bat

    Posted by Mike Gainer on 26th Feb 2022

  • 5

    Ordered the Melee by Adidas Balanced, level2 shaved and rolled. My league uses Clincher Gold balls and the ball was traveling as far as if I were hitting Dudley Thunder or X100’s.
    340 - 375 ft. easy!

    Turnaround time was perfect. Bat looked great out of the box. I will be getting a back up just in case.

    Posted by Mo24 on 13th Aug 2020

  • 5
    Most under rated Senior Bat

    When the Adidas Melee came into the market the End loaded black and yellow bat got all the hype.
    Then the 12" black and orange got even more hype.
    After that the blue re loaded was hailed as Wow.
    Now the 2 piece ones are supposed to have been designed by God himself.
    However in my humble opinion the red and black Balanced 1 piece is the best. Minimal break in time and it allows you to do whatever you want with it in the plate.
    Just as much power as the end loaded versions including the 12" barrel one and when you go opposite field the power goes with you and the timing is not affected by any end load.
    Have 3 of them and the first which I used for BP as well as games lasted me over 1500 swings.Other two still teenagers.
    Might add that I am a power hitter and we use Rocks 44/375 in our games so the bat really lasted.

    Posted by Francis J Chaviano on 11th Feb 2019

  • 5

    I've hit more bats then I can ever remember, but this balanced adidas is the best yet. I'm looking to buy another just incase I need a backup somewhere down the line.

    Posted by Unknown on 28th May 2018

  • 5

    got the standard shave and was shocked to see how far this thing hits. only took a handful of swings to really open up. bat looks flawless too. will certainly be purchasing again from homerun derby bats.

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Feb 2018