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Alloy Bat Ring / Puck Removal Service

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This service is to remove the governing collar, ring or insert located in the center of the bat.  Depending on starting exit velo, some hitters can see 50ft from this service.  There are only a limited number of alloy baseball bat models that can utilize this service.   If you do not see your model listed below, your bat cannot be serviced.  There are a handful of older Louisville Slugger and Easton BBCOR bats that can be serviced in this fashion, but we rarely see them anymore which is why they are not on this list.  It is best to check with us if you have an older LS or Easton before sending it in.  

I cannot stress it enough, if you see alloy bats listed on other bat doctor sites NOT listed below stating they are performing these services, you are getting RIPPED OFF!!  And remember, no alloy bat can or should be "shaved" and rolling of any alloy bat does absolutely nothing despite what you may read otherwise.  


LS PWR Select

Demarini Goods (1 or 2 piece)

Easton Encore


LS Omaha (2022 and prior)

LS Solo

LS Select

Bats that require new end caps -- select "YES" for end cap

1 piece BBCOR Goods

Green Goods

2022 and prior LS PWR Select BBCOR

** WARNING -- all 2022+ 2 piece Goods BBCOR, it is strongly recommended to add a cap.  If you do not add the end cap and the paint or clear strips off the end of your bat, we will not replace the bat as you bypassed the warning **


Mailing instructions

Before shipping, please print off your order confirmation email and tape it to your bat.  If there are any special requests, please leave a note with your phone number in case there are any questions.  

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