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Easton ADV 360 Ice Limited Edition -11 USA Baseball Bat

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SHAVED and ROLLED -- Easton ADV 360 Ice Limited Edition -11 USA Youth Baseball Bat.  Same bat as the yellow ADV, just in blue.  Performance wise, this bat is ok, but nothing I would deem spectacular.  Shaving this bat will severely compromise the durability and do not recommend going past level 1.  Even at this level, the bat is problematic.  The Rawlings Icon is the much better option for USA -12

WARNING -- These bats shaved break in swings and is not recommended to shave.  We will NOT replace any of these bats should they break in swings.   

The Easton ADV 360, the highest-performing USA-certified bat for youth players, is back and better than ever with an “icy” cool new look!  The limited edition ADV 360 Ice features a stunning blue colorway that will turn heads at the ballfield and make you the envy of both dugouts. We only made 1,000 of these bats, and they’re sure to go quick!

Of course, the ADV 360 Ice still packs in all the same game-changing technology that makes the ADV 360 one of the most popular bats in youth leagues across the country. This 2-piece composite design is equipped with the latest in Easton technology, including a Dynamic Feel System carbon handle that provides more stiffness. As a result, you'll always get a solid feel at contact. In addition, the iSo 2-piece CXN joint uses Nitrocell foam to eliminate vibration and enhance energy transfer into the baseball on contact. And thanks to Easton's premium Flow-Tack grip, this bat will feel comfortable and secure in your hands under even the harshest playing conditions.

However, its defining feature may be our innovative Launch Comp technology. This design gives the 2023 ADV 360 USA bat a bigger barrel contour and a massive sweet spot! That means elite performance straight out of the wrapper for every athlete who makes this their own.

Each of these 1,000 bats is individually numbered, too, so you can look down and know you’re swinging a rare piece of Easton history. Snag a limited edition ADV 360 Ice before they’re all gone!