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Monsta Blacklisted Torch USA / ASA

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SHAVED AND ROLLED -- Monsta Blacklisted Torch USA / ASA softball bat.  Features Monsta's new M5 technology.  Rolled or shaved, these bats flat out demolish the mush ball.  Awesome sound and feel with a lot of durability.  Recommended shave option is Level 1 Standard.  Not much is needed to really open this thing up !!!  

** This is a low compression 52/300 bat.  DO NOT USE ON 44/375s **

Available in Torch 25oz or Fallout 26 and 27oz

3900 (Stiff) handle

Mid load
HOT from the wrapper
M5 construction.

Safe for use with USA/ASA certified 52/300 and 52/275 compression balls

No Warranty