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Suncoast Melee Autism Awareness Balanced SSUSA

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SHAVED and ROLLED -- Suncoast Melee Autism Awareness Balanced SSUSA softball bat.  This is the same exact bat as the Melee 3 Bal, just with Autism paint.  Features a 13 inch 1 piece barrel with .5oz oz end load.  This thing CRUSHES and looks the part to!  Breaks in very fast AND (somehow), holds compression.  If opting for the shave, I would stay level 1 if you want to maintain some durability.  

Endorsed by Suncoast Softball Legends Mike Brock and Richard Clark
Approved by Senior Softball USA and ISA.
The third-generation Melee, a one-piece high-end senior bat is engineered with Suncoast’s proprietary STICK & SPIN Barrel Coating Technology to maximize the flight and distance characteristics of the softball.
Designed with Suncoast’s industry-first, MAX SPEED HANDLE TECHNOLOGY – which maximizes your bat speed while still maintaining excellent bat control to the player.
The Melee’s are produced with Suncoast’s proprietary Opti-Dura Performance Aerospace-Grade Composite Materials and manufactured by our world-class manufacturing process.
Opti-Dura Composite Handle Design is engineered to control vibration and maximize your handle stiffness for longer hits.
Equipped with the Suncoast tackified bat grip providing the ultimate in comfort and control
Marked with Rotation Numbers on the barrel to aid in the rotation of the bat from hit to hit in order to lengthen the life-expectancy of the Melee3.


Shaved / Rolled Adidas Melee BP Session --


  • 5
    Autism Awareness Balanced was the best you ever did.

    Keep doing what you doing. You guys are awesome.

    Posted by Joseph c Vinski on 6th Jul 2023