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Suncoast Melee Max 2 End Load SSUSA

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The all new 2021 Suncoast Melee Max 2 End Load senior bat is here!  Add another 30-40ft to your distance with our level 1 service which improves upon an already insanely hot bat!  Swings smooth and destroys the ball.  The Max 2s feature the same game changing composite found in the Melee 3s.  End all, these bats perform and are durable no matter if they are tuned up or stock.  Our recommended shave spec is level 1 full service for optimum performance / durability combination.  

Comes with a 60 day warranty from date of purchase if getting the bat STOCK NEW IN WRAPPER

  • Signatures: Rob Roop and Joe Horvath
  • Approved by Senior Softball USA.
  • Engineered with Suncoast’s proprietary STICK & SPIN Barrel Coating Technology to maximize the flight and distance characteristics of the softball.
  • Engineered with Suncoast’s industry-first, MAX SPEED HANDLE TECHNOLOGY – which maximizes your bat speed while still maintaining excellent bat control to the player.
  • Engineered with Suncoast’s proprietary Opti-Dura Performance Aerospace-Grade Composite Materials and manufactured by our world-class manufacturing process, the Melee Max will provide the player with a high-performing, long-lasting and consistent ball-bat.
  • The Hi-Energy Link System is a patented duo-purpose connection ring between the barrel and handle which helps maximize the barrel’s energy transfer to the ball and keeps vibration from reaching your hands for increased comfort when you make contact.  
  • Equipped with the Suncoast tackified bat grip providing the ultimate in comfort and control
  • Marked with Rotation Numbers on the barrel to aid in the rotation of the bat from hit to hit in order to lengthen the life-expectancy of the Melee Max 2.
  • Industry-leading 60-day Bat Warranty.


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