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2020 Dudley 2 Piece End Load SSUSA

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This 2020 Dudley 2 Piece End load Senior Softball Bat is the new version of the re-issued HOTw that was re-engineered curing the durability issues from the original.  Overall is a decent bat, but i would be hesitant pushing the shave past level 1 if you want any chance of the bat holding up.  Does hit well and breaks in quick, but until I see more of these being hit, i it will not be a recommendation.  In my opinion, the Melee or new Suncoast Melee Max is a far superior product and is light years head and above over any other senior bat on the market 

2-Piece Design
100% Composite
HOTW™ Technology – Hot Out Of The Wrapper
14” Barrel
0.5 ounce End-Load
1.21 BPF
Approved for SSUSA (Senior Softball) and ISA
No Warranty or Guarantee of any kind


Shaved / Rolled Dudley Lightning 2.0 12" End load BP session --