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How long will my bat last?

Posted on Posted by JP on 15th Jul 2019

The million dollar question I get a few times a day.  And the answer is..........."I dont know".  Due to the number of variables in play, it is impossible to tell you how many swings yo … read more

Ring Removal and the "not so cool" side effects

Posted on Posted by JP on 29th Apr 2019

I get calls almost every day asking if we can take rings out of BBCOR / USA and aluminum bats.  The quick answer is yes, we can, but the more appropriate response if you get me on the phone would … read more

Cold Weather and shaved bats

Posted on Posted by JP on 29th Oct 2018

I get this question a cold is to cold to be swinging a shaved bat?  My recommendation is not below 65 degrees.  From all the years i have been playing ball, i have noticed … read more

Rolling & Shaving Alloy/Aluminum Bats

Posted on Posted by JP on 5th Apr 2018

We receive calls every day from customers that want us to roll and shave their alloy/aluminum bats. One of the key differences between my company and others is reputation and honesty. Let me be fran … read more

2018 Youth Baseball Bat Changes

Posted on Posted by JP on 12th Jul 2017

Effective January 1, 2018, new youth baseball bat standards will come into play. Any bat without the approved “USABat” stamp, will not be permissible in any of the sanctions listed below after this d … read more