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New ASA Ball -- 52/300 = GARBAGE

Posted on Posted by JP on 13th May 2016

Most if not all ASA leagues around the country have migrated to the new 52/300 ball.  If you have NOT already experienced hitting this ball, let me be the first to tell you it is terrible.   … read more

Breaking in bats

Posted on Posted by JP on 18th Nov 2015

No matter the shaving spec you go with, ALL bats require some level of break in. Some take only a few swings, some take quite a few. You may read on our competitors websites their shaving and rollin … read more

Does a Heavier Bat Hit Further?

Posted on Posted by JP on 19th Aug 2015

Does a heavier bat hit further? This is a very popular question I receive and thought I would take the time to answer it. The answer is yes and no.   Moment of Inertia (MOI) - The mo … read more

Stamped ball compression and one frustrating day

Posted on Posted by JP on 17th Aug 2015

Seems like everyday around here for a while now has been about compression.  Today was ball compressionThought I would share with you a misunderstanding a customer had with me today over stamped … read more

Don't be fooled

Posted on Posted by JP on 14th Aug 2015

Many will say I am a little sensitive to this subject and it is because I am.  The other day I received a call from a potential customer stating he will be mailing in 2 bats to verify if they hav … read more

Verified Compression Results

Posted on Posted by JP on 13th Aug 2015

I have received a few phone calls asking if we verify compression results before and after our service as proof the bat has been shaved / rolled.  I assume this is in response to some of our c … read more