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2022 Demarini ZOA -5 USSSA Baseball Bat

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The 2022 Demarini ZOA -5 USSSA baseball bat is Demarini's new flagship -5 USSSA baseball bat model.  End all be all, this is a stiffer Zen.  This model will tend to be better suited for stronger kids as there is reduced flex in the handle.  Bat has unbelievable pop shaved and rolled.  Suggested shave spec is level 2 full service for optimum performance / durability combination.  These models do not have the durability issues found in the -10 or -8 USSSA ZOAs.  

System override. Introducing the 2022 DeMarini Zoa (-5) USSSA Baseball Bat, a bold addition to the composite USSSA lineup. Zoa (-5), designed for travel ball players who prefer the feel of composite, brings DeMarini’s Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel technology to the USSSA game. Through its technologically advanced construction process, Continuous Fiber Composite offers an elongated barrel profile and larger optimized hitting area, leading to more consistent solid contact at the plate. The stiff composite material maximizes energy transfer on contact, allowing the 2022 Zoa to deliver extreme consistency and performance.

Barrel Material Composite
Barrel Diameter 2 5/8


Anomaly Connection - Pairs the barrel with a stiffer handle that offers positive feedback on contact and a seamless energy transfer.
Anomaly End Cap - A blend of durable and lightweight materials maintains barrel integrity and optimizes performance.
Two-Piece Composite Construction - Designed for improved weight distribution that allows for great balance, bat speed and barrel control
Continuous Fiber Barrel Wall Construction - Long, unbroken lengths of fiber provide a barrel with superior strength, stiffness, and consistency across a larger optimized hitting area.