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2024 Louisville Slugger Xeno -10 Fastpitch Bat

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SHAVED and ROLLED -- 2024 Louisville Slugger Xeno -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat.  This is one of the best shaved fastpitch bats there is.  Balanced swing weight with a little bit stiffer feel than the LXT.  The Xeno favors more of the power vs contact hitter but is still a solid bat for all players.  Recommended shave spec is level 1 for max performance / durability combination.  

The balanced swing weight and stiff feel of the Louisville Slugger Xeno (-10) Fastpitch Bat delivers durable, game-ready performance. Xeno’s composite barrel produces right away without the need for a break-in period, and the dominant two-piece construction transforms elite swing speeds into potent exit velocities to pile up hits.

Dual-disc S1ID barrel -- the performance composite design is centered around Louisville's patented Dual-Disc S1ID barrel technology that is ready for game action right out of the wrapper, eliminating the need for any break-in period prior to use
The IST Technology two-piece construction of the Xeno is all about stiffness; stronger players who prefer that feel keep coming back to this bat
Louisville's innovative X-Cap design pairs perfectly with the stiff feel of the bat, improving performance and feel of the bat on every swing
The mass swing weight is perfectly distributed throughout the barrel across all weight drops and complements the stiffer connection, allowing the player to achieve maximum power with each and every swing
Standard fastpitch grip improves feel and comfort at the plate and has been tested rigorously and proven to be what players prefer in a grip
Legal for play in USA Softball, ISA Softball, WBSC Softball, NSA Softball, and USSSA Softball Leagues and Tournaments
-10 Length-to-Weight Drop