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2024 Rawlings Clout AI BBCOR Baseball Bat

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2024 Rawlings Clout BBCOR Baseball Bat -- CHEAP, HOT and looks pretty cool to!  For the money, this bat is very hard to beat

Designed for High School and College players, the Rawlings Clout AI BBCOR Baseball Bat features a one-piece alloy construction, and offers a mid-load swing weight with optimized stiffness. Built with Red Alloy+, the most responsive aerospace-grade alloy, the Clout AI delivers exceptional performance and durability with thin walls for maximum power. Embrace the future of baseball technology with Generative AI Technology, incorporating patent-pending AI-generated inner wall variations that fine-tune the entire bat, providing maximum performance across the entire barrel. The optimized swing weight, along with the extended barrel profile, offers the longest sweet spot possible. The premium REVGrip material ensures unmatched tackiness and cushioning, delivering a comfortable and secure grip. The Clout AI is BBCOR certified.

Barrel Diameter: 2 5/8 in
Certification: BBCOR
Drop: -3
Red Alloy+: Utilizes the most responsive aerospace grade alloy, built for performance and durability with the thinnest walls possible.
Swing Weight: Optimized speed performance provides an extended barrel profile with the longest sweet spot possible with the performance and pop of a mid-weight bat.
Generative Ai Technology: Patent-pending Ai Generated inner wall variations that finely tune the entire bat providing maximum performance across the entire barrel.
One-Piece Construction: Mid-Load swing weight with optimized stiffness and ultimate performance.
RevGrip: Premium grip material with unmatched tack and cushion

Barrel Reconditioning Service

Homerun Derby Bats is the first and only bat shaving company offering a 2 stage barrel reconditioning service to 1 piece alloy BBCOR bats without internal performance limiting collars.  The Atlas is one of these style bats that does not have any rings, inserts or sleeves restricting the bats performance.  Our reconditioning service improves the hitting surface allowing slightly more rebound at impact.  Expected gains from the service will be in the 10-20ft range depending on exit velocity vs the same bat stock.   Granted this is not a huge change in performance like what removing a restrictor can bring to an alloy bat or from shaving of a composite bat, but a few feet can make all the difference to someone who is on the fence line.  

Other added benefits from the reconditioning process is less vibration, improved feel and an overall stronger, more durable product.  Also, the compression of the bat after the reconditioning marginally changes and will pass any compression check without issue and will not have any external cues of tampering.    
"Reconditioned" does not mean this is a used bat that has been refurbished.  These are all brand new, never used bats that go through a treatment process for increased performance.  Any questions, feel free to reach out.  


Hitting with the 2024 Rawlings CLOUT AI | BBCOR Baseball Bat Review (vs. Rawlings Icon & L.S. Atlas)