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2019 Adidas Melee 2P Endload 12" 2-Piece SSUSA Senior Softball bat

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And the legend continues...........the best bat bar none in senior softball now in a 2 piece model.  If you like whip, this is the bat for you.  Absolutely destroys the ball like no other bat on the market! 

Model: 2019 Adidas Melee 2P Endload 2-Piece SSUSA Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat
Weighting: Endloaded
Barrel Length: 12″
Construction: 2PC Composite
Certifications: SSUSA
Tech: Uses same composite as 1PC predecessors. 2PC provides more flex and responsiveness.
Warranty: No Warranty (Standard on Senior Softball Bats)


Shaved / Rolled Adidas Melee BP Session --


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    Posted by Hank Patterson on 8th Jul 2023

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    26.5 2019 addidas melee 2P endload 12" barrel

    I am 75, 165 lbs and play major plus softball. The day I received this bat, I took it out for a spin. I hit 8 out of 10, one-hop to the 300 ft. fence. The ball I was hitting was the A.D.Starr-yellow/green Tattoo polycore batting practice ball ...7 years old
    I can't wait to get this bat broke in...

    Posted by gary nicolay on 25th Nov 2022

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    It's my fav

    Posted by DAVID E TAYLOR on 6th May 2022

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    Mellee 2019 End Load 2 piece

    Best senior softball bat for me so far. I swing a 28-1/2 ounce. I weigh 170 and this bat has the best exit speed of any senior softball bat I have. I have 5 of them and they hold up really well. Typically get 1,000 swings out and have on cracked one after close to 1,000 swings. I've tried the new Worth and Onyx and for me the Mellee 2 piece endload is superior for me. Only bat that is close is the Suncoast Reload which is decent.

    Posted by Art Bird on 3rd Apr 2022

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    Melee solid with nice pop

    Great bat

    Posted by Marvin McWhorter on 1st Mar 2022

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    2019 adidas red 2pc bat

    Really made a difference in the power category. Ball flies of the bat. Thank you. I have another just like this one that you've worked on (never used) and am thinking of sending you a 2016 adidas melee end load to work on.

    Posted by Bill Marino on 14th Dec 2021

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    Melee bat

    Great bat, I only swing this model. I was a Miken person for along time.

    Posted by Kenneth Reese on 13th Dec 2021

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    Best Pop for me.

    I actually have purchased 5 of these since 2019 two are still in the wrapper. This is my favorite bat in the last 3 years playing senior softball. I am not a power hitter at 170 pounds and 76 years old ( I play at the Major 75 level.) I do manage to get a few out of the park during tournaments since using the 28 1/2 ounce Melee end load. So far have not found a better bat than the 2019 Melee end load for me. I have purchased the Worth 428, Melee Reloaded and Onyx and still breaking them in. I think we all swing differently so it's a personal preference.
    I probably have 800-900 hits on my oldest 2019 Melee end load and it doesn't have the pop it did the first 500 hits but still does a good job...and it breaks in fast compared to the 3 new ones I am still breaking in.

    Posted by Art Bird on 9th Nov 2021

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    2019 Adidas melee senior 2pc

    In a word... " ridiculous " hottest bat I ever swung. I was literally hitting balls backside 340 ft. The ball comes off bat great, does have alot of flex which I love... level 1 shave and you will be crushing the ball!

    Posted by Brian on 27th Sep 2021